Friday, November 22, 2019

Pizza Hut Garlic Knots Stuffed Reviewbrah


With a Slice of PIZZA HIT'S Garlic Knots Pizza

With Pepperoni & Green Peppers

"The price for this is around $14.99."

"I've got an eyelash in my eye"

"It's a novelty Pizza. It's a specialty Pizza."

"The Garlic Knots."

"Some people were using the Garlic Knots to have a Snowball Fight instead of Snowballs, they used the Knots.
"You may say, Reviewbrah, what is that Green Stuff?"

"They are not Jalapeno Peppers, they're just Green Peppers"

"Its a large Pizza. Speaking of Big, look at this box. It's really Big."
"Here it is

"You can get it with anything you want. You can get any toppings you want. I got it with Green Peppers and Pepperoni."

"where's a good slice? Let's get a good Slice"

"As you can see, there's the Pizza , there's the crust."

"You can see, there's those Garlic Knots, right there."

It comes in such a big box. I gotta say."

There it is Pepperoni, green peppers two knots on the slice."

"It's the stuffed garlic Knots Pizza from Pizza Hut, Goin In."

"I really like the Green Peppers. They're fresh."

"The Pizza is unremarkable."

"Let's see what the Knots taste like."

"it's just like their stuffed crust, but it's a little more doughy. It's garlicky

"I don't have a problem with it, honestly

I's flavorful. The one complaint I have. I wish it was a little Cheesier."

"Overall I would say, it's a novelty Pizza.

It taste totally fine. It's nice and garlicky. The Marinara Sauce is a nice addition."

"My one issue, I just wish it had more cheese in it. It's fixable

"It's a Big Pizza. I wish it was Cheesier." 

"I would give it, out of 10, you know, I'm gonna give it, it's average, I'm gonna give it, a 5.7 out of Ten."

"This is a really Big Box."

"It's almost Bigger than Me."

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