Thursday, November 14, 2019

Reviewbrah Pancake on a Stick Sonic

"There it is. A PANCAKE on a STICK" !!!

"There it is"

"A PANCAKE on a STICK" !!!

"The Pancake on a Stick not only comes with, you know pancake batter. 
You can see here, it comes with Sausage in the middle."


"Alright ready for a food review, since it's getting Hot in here"

"The one thing I do notice, is there's a stark contrast between the Sausage and the batter"

"When it comes down to how they actually taste. The pancake itself is pretty good"

"It's kind of doughy"

"The Sausage doesn't go well with the pancake dough"

"The Maple Syrup makes it a little better

All and all what am I gonna rate it, a PANCAKE on a STICK" !!!

"Out of 10, I'm gonna have to give it, a Pancake on a Stick a 7.6 out of 10"

"For a PANCAKE on a STICK" !!!

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